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Facade decor

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Lightweight and durable rigid polyurethane foams are used for the production of facade decor elements.

Rigid PU foam decor is successfully used not only for the restoration of old buildings, but also for the creation of modern facade elements.

The architectural decoration for the facades is produced from rigid polyurethane foams using low and high pressure metering mixing units.

Moulds for the production of decor are made from polyester resins and matrix gelcoats, less often from moulding silicones and polyurethanes.

Lightweight and durable, easy to install, modern construction material — that’s what rigid PU foams is for facade applications in civil engineering.


  • Reducing the load on the facade

  • Light weight

  • Imitation of natural stone

  • Easy installation

  • High manufacturing speed

  • Modern 3D textures

Used polymers

Used equipment