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Low pressure

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Low-pressure mixing and dosing systems of the OSV L series are designed for pouring various two-component polyurethane foams.

Low pressure mixing and dosing machines of the OSV L series are designed for filling two-component polyurethane foams.

A functional set and a number of design features allow processing the entire range of polyurethane foams:

  • Hard
  • Elastic
  • Integral
  • With memory effect

The machines can be used for the production of molded parts by casting in open and closed molds.

Versions with different capacities are available, which allows casting with its help both small and large-sized items.



Polyurethane foams

Mixing device

Dynamic type, low pressure

The number of dosed components

2 components

Component ratio A: B

100: 10 to 100: 100


0.5 ... 100 l / min

Working volumes of tanks

100 to 700 liters

Viscosity of the components

Not more than 5000, mPa * s


Up to 40оС

What is the application of this equipment?