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Dekolast 3

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Rigid foam for casting structural elements of furniture and architectural decor elements for facades

Dekolast 3 is a filling mixture polyurethane foam-based, produced by technologists within the core of the famous Italian technology of wood imitation. Reacts at room temperature. Products made of this material become light, hard, and almost equal to the touch from real wood. Post-treatment of products such as primer, tinting, and painting give products from Dekolast 3 absolute similarity to products from natural wood. Intended for both manual and machine processing. Color – beige. Manufactured in Germany.


  • Decorative and structural elements of furniture
  • Architectural elements for interiors and facades
  • Arts of industrial equipment



100±10 kg\m3

The ratio of components by weight


The mixture starts at 20°C

30-40 sec

Where is this polymer used?