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Pouring and gluing systems

This series of machines has the widest area of application, which includes polyurethane potting systems, adhesives, elastomers, silicone and epoxy compounds, and sealants.

The equipment in this series has a large number of different options that allow you to assemble exactly the device you need to perform your tasks.

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Mini AB

Mini AB

Mini AB 2000

S series

Mini Spray

Robotic systems

The Mini and S series can be used in one-off production, for example, the manufacture of injection molds, and in industrial production: sealing of electrical components, casting edges, gluing.

For each type of material and each task, we work out in detail the terms of reference with the customer in order to exactly match the production needs.

Today the OSV team has sufficient production experience to successfully complete the project you need with quality and on time. Our equipment operates in various production lines - sandwich panel production line, car air filter production line, laminated veneer lumber production line, etc.