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Ordering parts made of polyurethanes and silicones

OSV provides services for the production of various parts made of polyurethanes and silicones, as well as moulds made of different polymer materials

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In accordance to your specific technical task we can produce any amount of finished products, even one copy


OSV engineers and technologists will help you to formulate a technical task, prepare calculations of the cost of the required batch of goods, estimate the timing of the production.

The specialists of the production site will carry out works on the manufacture of molds, casting, and post-processing of finished products

Scheme of the work on orders

Technical task


Advance payment




Each new order begins with the preparation of a cost estimate, which is prepared based on photographs, drawings, 3D visualizations. If the conditions presented by us (cost and production time) suit you, we will proceed to the preparation of a commercial proposal. To do this, our technologists will need a prototype (master model) of the product, the circulation of which you want to receive.

The model can be made of any solid material — wood, plastic, metal, plasticine, foam. You can send us a master model in any way convenient for you — mostly our clients resort to express delivery services. Together with the model, we will ask you to provide additional data — the scope of application of finished products, the estimated circulation, physical and mechanical properties and other nuances, depending on the nature of your order. Usually it takes several days to agree on these points and depends on the complexity of a particular order.

After the terms of reference and commercial proposal are agreed upon, you make an advance payment, and we start working on your order. After the production part of the project is over, we will test the finished products, and only after that we will send you the finished products, carefully pre-packed.

All master models, shapes and products that are provided to the OSV production site as samples, or are made to order at the expense of the client, are his property. We never use other people's molds and products for subsequent copying, therefore many of our clients leave their molds made of polyurethane and silicone at our enterprise for long-term storage.


  • We manufacture products from polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane foams, polyurethane plastics, silicones, polyester and epoxy resins, acrylic casting compounds

  • We use OSV metering and mixing machines for casting

  • We accept orders even of 1 copy

  • We modify basic polyurethanes according to individual customer requirements for the properties of finished products

  • Experience in daily work with polymer materials — over 15 years

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