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Electric cabinets sealing

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Seamless sealing contours made of polyurethane or silicone foam are used in the manufacture of industrial and domestic electrical cabinets and are called Formed-In-Place-Foaming-Gaskets, or FIPFG for short.

OSV automatic dispensing systems allow the application of sealing contours in any three-dimensional path.

FIPFG technology is widely used for the production of sealing loops for electrical cabinets for domestic and industrial applications.

Distribution boxes and control systems for complex technological processes in the energy sector, public transport and various industries are the most popular applications for FIPFG technology.

In addition, this technology has found its application in the production of household appliances, lighting devices, navigation equipment, parts for cars and special equipment.


  • Automatic process

  • Any 3D paths

  • Industrial IP standards compliance

Used polymers