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Polyurethane foam hives

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Together with the system house Polychem Systems (Poznan, Poland), we offer a business package for the production of polyurethane foam hives.

Low and high pressure OSV equipment, Polychem Systems polyurethane foam systems, specially designed for the production of hives by moulding in closed moulds, as well as technology for the production of hives, including the technique of making moulds from composite materials.

Rigid polyurethane foam is a great alternative to wood for making modern bee hives. Lightweight and durable construction material allows to produce bee hives that last longer than wooden ones, are not subject to natural aging, and are lightweight.

These factors make polyurethane foam beehives more efficient and profitable compared to wood-based beehives. Our company, together with the Polish manufacturer of polyurethane foam systems Polychem Systems, offers a complete set for the production of bee hives from polyurethane foam – casting equipment, raw materials, molds, auxiliary materials, training and technical support.


  • Light weight

  • Thermal insulation

  • Long operation life

Used equipment