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The elastic and durable additive-type silicones are excellent for making candle molds.

Even for products with negative angles, silicone resin molds can produce several hundred copies of the finished product.

For the manufacture of complex-shaped wax candles, additive-type silicone compounds are excellent. The range of hardness from 13 Shore A to 33 Shore a allows you to choose the optimal silicone compound depending on the shape of the model and the planned circulation.

The good fluidity of the liquid silicone mix fills the entire space between the drawer wall and the surface of the master cast. Just a 1: 1 ratio of components avoids mistakes and waste.

Silicone compounds retain their elasticity and surface cleanliness for a long time when pouring wax mixtures.


  • Durability of work

  • Easy demoulding

  • Easy handling