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We offer several materials for sculptors at once. Polyurethane and silicone compounds are used to make molds. For the production of sculptures, Acrylic One and a number of polyurethane plastics are used, less often rigid polyurethane foams.

The exception to the rule, perhaps, is modern sculpture — here artists opt for unusual products, for example, elastic polyurethane foam or silicones with a high level of hardness.

We offer two types of materials for making sculptures — polyurethanes and silicones. Depending on the complexity of the sculpture, the expected number of copies, and the type of casting compound (gypsum, concrete, polymer compositions), the sculptor chooses a more suitable material for molding.

Rigid polyurethane plastics, elastic polyurethanes, rigid, elastic, and internally integral polyurethane foam, as well as Acrylic One composite materials are used for the production of direct casting of the sculpture.


  • Elastic polyurethanes and silicones for mould making

  • Rigid polyurethane plastics for sculpture casting

  • Acrylic One for sculpture casting

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