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Screens and sieves

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Screens for mining machines are one of the traditional applications for hot curing polyurethane elastomers based on TID and MDI.

Elastic and rigid, depending on the technological requirements, polyurethane sieves work long and efficiently.

Polyurethane elastomers based on TDI and MDI are used for the manufacture of screens of various types and dimensions. A wide range of hardness from 30 Shore A to 75 Shore D allows you to choose a suitable grade of polyurethane material or a combination of materials of different hardness for each specific task.

Polyurethane sieves have a long service life, reduce noise emissions, and are quick and easy to assemble thanks to their modular design. The technology of pouring liquid polyurethane mixtures allows, if necessary, to use metal inserts. The addition of liquid pigments to the polyurethane mixture allows for the production of sieves in a variety of colors depending on industry or corporate standards.

In addition, polyurethane elastomers can serve as the basis for composite screens, in which meshes are made of other polymeric materials.


  • Resistance to dynamic loads

  • Abrasion resistance

  • High elasticity

  • Moisture resistant