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Elastic polyurethane foams are widely used in the manufacture of seats and backrests for cars, all types of transport, and furniture.

Due to the excellent fluidity of the polyurethane foam mixture from elastic polyurethane foam (including memory foam), products of complex shapes can be obtained.

Flexible polyurethane foams can have different densities — 0t 40-45 kg / m <sup> 3 </sup> up to 80-85 kg / m <sup> 3 </sup>, and can also have a memory effect. This allows them to produce backs and seats of various configurations and areas of application, including those with an orthopedic effect.

Integral PU foam makes it possible to produce seats that are ready for use — a beautiful and durable crust forms on the outer surface of the parts during the reaction.

By using pigments, seats of different colors can be produced.


  • Wide range of densities

  • Memory effect

  • Various shapes

Used polymers