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Sandwich panels

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For the production of sandwich panels OSV offers several solutions at once — equipment for pouring polyurethane foam, hydraulic and pneumatic presses, equipment for applying one-component and two-component adhesives.

The main value that we give to our customers is the experience of OSV engineers and technologists, which allows us to find an effective and reliable solution for individual production problems….

The production of construction and structural sandwich panels is closely related to polyurethanes. Polyurethane adhesives and potting systems are key components in building panels, car vans, window systems, ventilation equipment, and many other industrial applications.

OSV offers its customers equipment for the production of sandwich panels of various types — metering and mixing machines for PU foam casting, glue applicators, hydraulic and pneumatic presses.

Many years of experience in the manufacture of equipment and adjustment of the technological process helps our customers to select and implement the optimal production solution.


  • Pre-fabricated insulation (sheets) and liquid polyurethane foam

  • Automatic and semi-automatic lines

  • Customized solutions

  • Staff training

Used polymers