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Advertising, POS, souvenirs

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For the manufacture of advertising products, souvenirs and POS materials, it is profitable and convenient to use polyurethanes, silicones, and Acrylic One composite material.

One product and several hundred can be produced with the same efficiency thanks to the specific capabilities of polymer technologies.

For the production of outdoor advertising, souvenirs and POS materials, we use almost the entire range of our products and technologies:

  • Elastic molds made of polyurethanes and silicones
  • Products made of polyurethane plastics and elastomers
  • Rigid and flexible polyurethane foam parts
  • Castings from silicone and acrylic compounds

Polyurethanes, silicones, and Acrylic One make it possible to produce advertisements, souvenirs, and POS materials in a profitable and high-quality manner, both in single copies and in large quantities.


  • Materials for forms and finished products

  • Single and large reproduction volumes

  • Endless design possibilities