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Furniture decor

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Polyurethane furniture decor is an Italian wood imitation technology. Liquid polyurethane plastic precisely matches the smallest details of the mould.

Instead of long hours of woodcarver’s work, polyurethane decor is produced much faster and cheaper.

Injection molded polyurethane plastics make it possible to produce furniture decor that imitates natural wood. Furniture decor made of polyurethane can be painted, laminated with PVC foil, or patinated like ordinary wooden parts.

Thanks to the casting technology, polyurethane decors precisely open all the details of the casting mold. This allows you to achieve absolute realism — it is almost impossible to distinguish a wooden part from a polyurethane one! ..

Along with the decor, various elements of fittings are also made from polyurethane plastics — handles, fasteners, linings, and other structural elements, including those with embedded parts.


  • Full wood imitation

  • Water resistant

  • Post-processing like natural wood

  • Wide range of densities

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