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Furniture edge

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Polyurethane edging for worktops and furniture fittings is a reliable and aesthetic solution, unique for the production of office and home furniture.

Complex three-dimensional shapes, all colors of the rainbow, anti-vandal strength — all this is a polyurethane edge! ..

Polyurethane edging is a revolutionary technology that allows you to create an edge in any shape, in any color, with exceptional impact and abrasion resistance. The polyurethane edge does not require the use of adhesives, but at the same time, it is very securely attached to the worktop.

Offices, banks, specialised workplaces, railways, marine transport, airports, HoReCa, schools, universities are are the most popular applications for PU edge.


  • The modern alternative to PVC edging

  • 3D effect of any shape

  • Attaches firmly to the worktop without the use of glue

  • Can be painted in any colours

  • Abrasive and impact resistance

  • Rigid and flexible grades

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