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Polyurethane plastics with a hardness up to 75 Shore D are excellent for the manufacture of body parts in medium, small and even single batches.

Besides, elastic polyurethanes and rigid polyurethane foams are used for the manufacture of housings.

For the manufacture of housings, a wide range of cold-curing polyurethane plastics, some brands of elastic polyurethanes, as well as rigid high-density polyurethane foams are used.

One of the important advantages of polyurethane as a material for the production of housings is the relatively low cost of casting moulds. If necessary, you can quickly and inexpensively make the necessary part even in a single copy.

The technology for the production of polyurethane products allows the use of embedded parts, which are often found in housings.


  • High manufacturing speed

  • Low cost of casting moulds

  • The whole range of colors according to RAL

  • Elastic and rigid parts

  • Small, medium and individual batches