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Headboards, mirror frames, wall panels, chair legs, pedestal frames and many other details can be conveniently and profitably produced from rigid polyurethane foam.

The liquid polyurethane mixture takes on complex shapes in a matter of seconds, which would take many hours of work to process in wood!..

Rigid polyurethane foam can completely replace wood. The Italians talk about this technology — wood imitation. And, most importantly, the cost of finished products is reduced, the production cycle is optimized, and the quality of products remains invariably high! ..

For the production of structural furniture parts OSV offers a turnkey solution — equipment, moгlds, raw materials, technology and personnel training. Our experience is more than 15 years of practice and special trainings with the best European specialists. Today we pass this experience on to our clients.


  • Full wood imitation

  • Any shapes and sizes

  • Low cost

Used polymers

Used equipment