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Insulated trailers

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OSV filling plants have long been an integral part of the production process in the manufacture of isothermal refrigerated trailers.

It is difficult to imagine the production of modern insulated trailers without the use of adhesives, which firmly connect the elements of the “sandwich” — “skin”, insulation, stiffening parts — made of metals, plastics, and composite materials.

Our company develops and manufactures various systems for the application of adhesive compounds. These can be both small machines for manual glue application, and complex automatic lines equipped with systems for moving and distributing glue materials, with different glue feed rates. Each glue station is designed and manufactured in accordance with the individual technical specifications of our customers.

Special technical solutions allow processing almost any adhesive systems: one- and two-component, filled, viscous and thixotropic. Advanced software helps you to know exactly and control glue consumption per shift or per month.


  • High level of automation of the gluing process

  • Saving material and time

  • Uniform distribution of adhesive