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Nowadays, it’s impossible to produce various unique attributes and accessories for education and creativity without polymer materials. In the modern world, among the abundance of various consumables, silicones and polyurethanes are especially popular due to their excellent user qualities.

The well-known children coloring figurines, souvenirs, toys and models, decorative elements for various compositions, modern jewelry etc., are usually produced using various polymer materials.

Thus, for example, if you need to make a decorative figurine, our company can offer raw materials, technology and equipment. First of all, you need silicone or polyurethane to make the casting mold. And then, such figurines can be replicated using polyurethane plastics or acrylic composite material Acrylic One.

These details replicate the originals with a high accuracy, perfectly reproduce the texture and relief, are suitable for painting and grinding, and can be used outdoors. Thanks to their versatility and multifunctionality polymers have recently become very popular for hand-made field. Moreover, they are great in tandem with gypsum, concrete, epoxy and polyester resins.


  • High copy accuracy

  • Environment friendly

  • Resistance to atmospheric performance

  • Excellent coloration

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