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Pipe lining

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Lining of pipes and fittings is one of the most common applications for hot cure polyurethane elastomers based on TDI and MDI.

Castable polyurethane elastomers of various hardness make it possible to obtain reliable and durable coatings for the working surfaces of pipelines in various industries — mining, construction, chemical, agriculture and mechanical engineering.

Industrial pipe lining using hot curing polyurethane elastomers based on TDI and MDI is a modern technology that ensures efficient and long-term operation of pipelines.

A layer of polyurethane of a certain thickness is applied to the inner surface of the pipes, as well as to the working surfaces of the connecting elements — flanges, corners, fittings. Unique resistance to mechanical stress, resistance to hydrolysis and a wide range of chemical substances make polyurethane practically indispensable for the protection of pipelines that operate in corrosive environments.

A wide range of hardness allows you to effectively solve complex production problems. Low energy consumption, minimal production waste make polyurethane an advantageous and reliable solution for protecting pipes.


  • Abrasion resistance

  • Elasticity

  • Strength

  • Resistance to dynamic loads

  • Hydrolysis resistance

  • Chemical resistance