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Moldmaking for soap, candles, chocolate, and sweets

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The essential hardness array from 13 to 60 Shore A, good fluidity, the ability to work with the material at room temperature, and zero shrinkage.

There are just a few indisputable arguments in favor of Zhermack silicones!..

The Zhermack silicone resins are the best for crafting soaps, candles of unique design, and even bakery products such as muffins, chocolates, and sweets.


  • Easy and clear to process
  • Stability to high temperatures (up to 250 °C)
  • Zero shrinkage
  • The extended service life of molds
  • High copy accuracy

Use Zhermack silicones to fabricate a mold from asymmetrical items with negative angles to create hundreds of excellent copies. The molds will accurately copy the surface of your item without missing a single detail due to the good flow and surface reproduction feature.