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Moulds for concrete, plaster, and polymers

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Polyurethane systems and silicone injection molding compounds give you many excellent quality replicas for concrete, plaster, Acrylic One, plastics and composites.

OSV specialists will help you choose the right product for your task, will advise you on how to use it correctly.

Polyurethane and silicone moulds for casting concrete, plaster, and polymers are the most profitable and reliable solution for those who produce concrete and plaster parts for architecture and construction. Polyurethane and silicone moulds are durable, elastic, and accurately reproduce the surface structure of master models.

We offer raw materials, technologies, and equipment for the production of molds for projects of various sizes — both for those who decided to make a path in the garden out of concrete with their own hands, and for those who serially produce concrete flowerpots for bushes and trees, and for those who is engaged in sculpture, and for many other uses.


  • Excellent quality reproductions

  • Ease of forming

  • Long service life