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Adhesives and filling compounds based on polyurethanes such as compact, foamed, elastic are widely used in air, fuel, and oil filters.

Polyurethane systems, metering mixing equipment, transfer devices and filter technologies — we offer all these components to our customers.

Many different types of polyurethane are used to manufacture filters. Flexible PU foam is used for the manufacture of sealing circuits for air purification filters. Compact adhesive systems based on polyurethane – for bonding filter media and structural strength instead of metal covers.

Polyurethane systems are technologically advanced, their processing does not require large energy consumption, and, most importantly, finished products meet the highest technical requirements.

In addition to the automotive industry, polyurethanes are used in the production of air purification filters in industrial and residential premises, filters for purifying biological materials, natural gas, alcoholic beverages, and in other areas of industrial production.


  • Resistant to temperature extremes

  • Easy processing

  • Reliability and efficiency in operation

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