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Doors with polyurethane foam filler

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One of the key components in the production of interroom and entrance doors is a filler that performs a number of important functions.

Filler from Polyurethane increases the thermal insulation of the doors, improves their sound insulation, gives the doors framework, and has other advantages compared to other fillers.

Polyurethane foam has the best fillend among all, now existing, materials for isolation, which makes it optimal material in modern construction.

The idea of ​​this technology is to fill the polyurethane foam, space between the door facing. Due to the excellent fluidity of polyurethane, the entire internal volume of the door is obtained completely filled with emptiness and shells, regardless of the complexity of the geometry of the door. Liquid polyurethane also has excellent adhesion, which allows you to reliably glue the workpieces to each other without the use of additional adhesive compositions.

Among the advantages of the doors filled with polyurethane foam should be selected as follows:

Specially designed structure of material with closed cells provides low thermal conductivity coefficient

Noise insulation
Polyurethane foam is also an effective soundproofing material, it absorbs noise in all frequency bands.

Rigid construction
Polyurethane foam filling technologies ensures the monolith of the entire design and gives it a high level of hardness

When using polyurethane foam, there is no longer need to cut, lay and glued the filler. It is necessary only
Pour foam between door facing, everything else will do it myself.

For filling polyurethane foam, it is necessary to use special equipment of high or low pressure for mixing and metering machibe, as well as hydraulic press.

Video of the process of fill with the installation of OSV H40 (Ukraine) and hydraulic press Manni (Italy):

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