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Details and moulds for the food industry

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Excellent physical and mechanical properties of polyurethanes and silicones allow to use them instead of rubber or metal for the production of molds, details and spare parts for the food industry, which operate within the aggressive environments, high shock or abrasive loads, and extreme temperatures

It has long been known that polymers are widely used in the food industry, for example, various containers, bags for packaging and storage, molds for baking, etc. Polymer products do not react with food, therefore they are permitted for such purposes.

OSV materials, technologies and equipment also can be used for the creation of such things for food productions as:

  • Pastry/chocolate/candy/marmalade molds, baking mats
  • Gaskets and membranes for the dairy, wine-making, brewing, canning industries
  • Knives and scrapers for machines for cutting and processing meat and fish
  • Sheets, rollers and other elements of conveyors

Although our silicones and polyurethanes used mostly for industrial purposes, we stil can recomend them for the production of similar molds and details for the food industry, taking into account our successful practical experience in this field.


  • Excellent elasticity, strength and durability

  • Unique stability of properties throughout the entire service life of the mold/part

  • Resistant to moisture, microorganisms and mold, salt and oils, high temperatures

  • High copy accuracy

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