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Prepolymer TDI 95A

TDI 95A is a hot curing TDI-based liquid PTMEG prepolymer

TDI 95A is resistant to aggressive environment, high mechanical or abrasion loads, extreme temperatures.

It is used for the production of various details with excellent strength, wear and abrasion resistance, such as: sheets, shafts, tires, scrapers, screens for the mining industry and quarrying, etc. Also, sometimes it is used for lining, in other words, PU coating.

Material is mainly processed by machine because of the short pot life of the prepolymer. In rare cases, manual processing is also possible. Produced in the EU by OSV Technology order.



95 Shore A

Components ratio with liquid hardener

100:15,02 by weight


Light amber

Pot life

4 minutes

Where is this polymer used?