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Prepolymer Neuthane 132S

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Great Britain

Neuthane 132S is a hot curing TDI-based liquid PTMEG prepolymer

Neuthane 132S is used for casting various industrial parts with increased strength parameters, such as: wheels, shafts, screens for the mining industry, etc. In addition, Neuthane 132S is excellent for lining, i.e. applying a protective layer of material to metal parts, the inner or outer side of pipes, rollers, branch pipes, grain currents, conveyor rollers.

The material has very good dynamic characteristics, it is resistant to hydrolysis, oils and solvents, wear and abrasion.

Produced in the UK by Notedome Ltd.



85 Shore A

Components ratio with liquid hardener

100:7,75 by weight


Yellow transparent

Pot life

12-17 minutes