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Dekolast 5 OSV

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Dekolast 5 OSV is a compact, fast-setting polyurethane-based casting compound

Dekolast 5 OSV is a compact, fast-solidifying polyurethane-based casting compound intended for the manufacture of structural and decorative elements for furniture, furniture accessories, sculptural compositions, advertising and souvenir products, engineering and technical parts, housing elements for household and technical purposes.

Key properties of Dekolast 5 OSV:

  • Good fluidity
  • Excellent reproduction of fine details
  • High speed of receiving finished products
  • Wysoka prędkość odbioru gotowych produktów
  • Possibility of adding filler to polyol up to 30%
  • The ability to paint the material with pigment
  • It is possible to change the hardness of the finished product in the range of 60-70 Shore D by changing the ratio


Hardness after 24 hours

70 Shore D

Ratio A: B

100: 50 by weight

Gel time

120-130 sec

System color




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