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Refurbished equipment

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We offer refurbished equipment with a guarantee!

The refurbished equipment has been fully revised by OSV technicians and has fully refurbished functionality. Often during the recovery process, we change units and update the software with newer and better solutions. And most importantly, all remanufactured machines have a standard 12 month factory warranty!

The following metering and mixing machines are currently available:

  • OSV H40 — high pressure for working with PU foam
  • OSV M10 2K — for working with TDI-based elastomers with MBKA hardener
  • OSV M2 — for working with TDI-based elastomers with liquid hardeners
  • OSV Combi — for casting engineering stone and solid surface
  • OSV Mini Dynamica — for casting small parts made of polyurethane foam
  • OSV Mini AB — for molding plastics, cold curing elastomers, silicones, adhesives

All machines are available for demonstration in our showroom and ready for shipment!

What is the application of this equipment?