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SmartLab 3K

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For laboratory purposes, the OSV range of equipment for hot elastomers has a special equipment – OSV SmartLab machine. This unit was designed according to the special requirements of one of the largest system houses in the world. The machine can be produced in a two- or three-components design. Also a lot of different special options avalable.

One of the main features of the OSV SmartLab machine is its special design, which allows quick replacement of components with a minimum spending of time and material.

This casting machine has the widest range of functions that allow you to fully automate the task of dosing and mixing the components of the polyurethane system, and to obtain high-quality laboratory samples by machine processing. At the same time, the mcahinr itself is quite compact and can easily fit within the framework of an ordinary laboratory room.

OSV SmartLab is used for mixing and pouring two- and three-component hot cure polyurethane elastomers based on both MDI and TDI. Most of the technical characteristics are agreed presonally with the customer.


Processed materials

Elastomers based on MDI and TDI

Mixing device

Dynamic type, low pressure

The number of dosed components

Up to 3 base components

Dosing additives

Up to 3 additives

Component ratio

By agreement


0.1 to 2 l / min

Volumes of tanks

2 to 10 liters

Viscosity of components

Up to 10,000, mPa * s

Heating components

Up to 150оС

What is the application of this equipment?