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S series

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OSV S Series is a series of mixing and dosing units with the widest scope of application. Most often it is used for processing for casting molds, various adhesives, epoxy resins, and engineering and furniture parts.

This is the most popular and most versatile series of equipment that combines the capabilities and functionality of complex machines, but at the same time retaining its compact size and cost efficient.

The machines can be equipped with a number of additional options, as well as adapted to work as part of various production lines. S series machines can be equipped with static / roto-static / dynamic mixing heads, have different volumes of supply containers, the ability to install a heating system, use various fillers and additives.

Often such installations are equipped with various automation systems, including CNC, and also operate as part of huge industrial lines of an endless type.



Elastomers (RTV), adhesives, resins, plastics, polyurethane foams

Mixing device

Static / Static-dynamic / Dynamic type

The number of dosed components

Up to 5

Component ratio A: B

100: 1 to 100: 100


5 to 5000 ml / min

Working volumes of tanks

10 ... 100 l

Viscosity of the components

Not more than 30,000, mPa * s

Heating components

Up to 50оС

What is the application of this equipment?