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OSV M TDI casting machines are designed for automatic dosing, mixing and pouring of two-component polyurethane elastomers based on TDI (“prepolymer + hardener”).

As a hardener, both liquid and granular hardeners of the MBOCA type (Moca, MbOCA) can be used.

The сasting machine OSV M TDI has a wide range of functions that allow you to fully automate the task of dosing and mixing the components of the polyurethane system, and to obtain high quality finished products by free casting of open and closed molds:

  • Special software with the ability to adjust and monitor all operating parameters of the equipment, including the ability to save recipes set by the operator
  • Controlled heating and thermal insulation of the entire dosing line from the tanks to the mixing head up to 150oC
  • Recirculation of components and mixing to ensure homogenization and thermal stabilization
  • Line pressure stabilizers
  • Vacuum system for removing air inclusions in components and ready-mix
  • Automatic and manual mixing chamber cleaning system

A wide range of additional options and devices will allow you to adapt the equipment in accordance with the requirements of the customer’s production process.


Materials for processing

Hot elastomers based on TDI with MOCA hardener

Mixing device

Low pressure mixinh head, dynamic type

The number of dosed components

Up to 3 basic components

Dosage of additives (pigments, catalysts)

Up to 10 additives

The ratio of components A: B

100: 5 to 100: 50


From 0.5 to 30 l / min

Volumes of tanks

From 10 to 500 liters

Viscosity of metered components

Up to 15,000, MPa * s

Heating components

Up to 150oC

What is the application of this equipment?