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Gaskets and seals application — FIPG (FIPFG)

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The OSV S400 G technological line is designed for automatic contour application of gaskets and seals made of flexible polyurethane foams, silicones, sealants and adhesives on the surface of parts of various configurations (FIPG technology — Formed-In-Place-Gasket).

The principle of operation of the technological line consists of the following stages:

  • Preparing the polymer composition for pouring
  • Preparation of the contour (trajectory) of the application
  • Application of polymer along a predetermined route
  • Cleaning the mixing head

Thanks to the CNC movement device, high accuracy and repeatability of the specified motion path is ensured. Special software OSV SmartMotion allows to adjust the width of the seal, “smooth” the corners and joints of the seal, as well as minimize component consumption.


Raw materials

Polyurethanes, silicones, sealants, adhesives

Mixing device

Static / Dynamic

Metering device

Gear pumps / Pneumatic pumps

Number of dosing components

From 1 to 3

Components' ratio, A:B

From 100:1 to 100:100


From 20 to 500 ml/min

Tanks' operational volume

From 10 to 200 l

Motion speed

Up to 500 mm/sec

Positioning tolerance

±0,5 mm

Width of the applied gasket

From 2 to 20 mm

Viscosity of the dosing components

Up to 1.000.000 cps

Components' heating

Up to 40оС

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