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Mini AB 2000

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OSV Mini AB2000 is a more advanced version of the OSV Mini AB machine. Its purpose is the same for casting a variety of cold curing two-component polymers (RTV-2), but it is equipped with a number of additional functions that make it easier to work with the machine.

Already in the basic configuration, the machine has a high level of automation, which makes it easy to adjust the operating parameters required for processing, as well as to ensure a quick changeover of the machine when changing from one material to another. The equipment is already equipped with an industrial controller, a mixing system for components, and a number of additional devices that increase performance.

A wide range of additional options will allow you to adapt the equipment for almost any task related to the processing of RTV materials. This plant is still unable to process polyurethane foams and hot elastomers …

OSV Mini AB 2000 is an indispensable tool for small production areas, laboratories, pilot plants.



Polyurethane plastics, cold cast elastomers, silicones, adhesive systems, resins, sealants

Mixing device

Static mixer / Static-dynamic mixer

The number of dosed components

Up to 3

Component ratio A: B

100: 1 to 100: 100


5 to 2,000 ml / min

Working volumes of tanks

5 ... 10 l

Viscosity of the components

Not more than 30,000, mPa * s

Heating components

Up to 40оС

What is the application of this equipment?