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DOPAG metering components and pumps are used in various industries for the supply of liquids with low and high viscosity. They guarantee high precision and exact reproducibility of the delivered quantity.

The dosing system requires the use of a drum or a tank pump to feed material from the original containers to the dosing station under pressure. There material is dosed either through a metering valve or through an electric volumetric flow meter.

DOPAG metering valves are available in various versions, all of which are based on the principle of volumetric metering. These metering valves can handle low to high viscosity media such as adhesives, sealants, greases, oils, pastes and silicones.

The electronic volumetric dosing system with unlimited volumetric dosing capacity is ideal for measuring systems with a discharge volume of more than 100 ml. It is also suitable for filling machine assemblies such as gearboxes, engines, gearboxes. Integrated dispense quantity feedback is ideal for automated applications.

If we want to achieve perfect results when dosing grease and oil, it is important that our material is pumped efficiently and without air pockets (air bubbles). An uninterrupted and reliable supply of materials is absolutely essential for this. In each case, factors such as material properties, process parameters and container size must be considered when choosing the optimal delivery system. The DOPAG product portfolio offers a wide range of liquid measurement solutions including drum pumps, transfer pumps and pressure tanks. All DOPAG delivery systems are based on proven piston or gear pump technology.

DOPAG dispensing valves are used in all industries for the discharge of low and high viscosity liquids. They are characterized by high accuracy and very high repeatability, depending on the number of unloading. These valves are available in a variety of series and sizes. Due to the variety of valve types, there is a perfect valve for every single application.