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High pressure mixing heads DUT Korea

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South Korea

The mixing head is the main part of the high pressure polyurethane foam machine. It determines the quality of the final product, and this affects the efficiency of the use of raw materials.

DUT mixing heads have once again improved all the advantages of the well-proven L-type mixing head and patented the “Double Oblique Injection” technology. A wide range of DUT models will help you choose the right mixing head.

The DUT company has in its assortment a range of high pressure heads for various applications.

The heads have a straight-through design of the mixing chamber for closed molds and L-shaped for open molds (this design is necessary to dampen the flow of mixed components).

There are dosing heads for 2, 4 and 6 components. There are also special versions for dosing of various additives: colorants, foaming agents.

The wide performance range allows you to find the right head for your application.