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Lining of rollers and pipelines

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Equipment and technology for applying polyurethane coating to the outer part of the rollers or the inner part of pipelines

OSV equipment is designed for automatic or semi-automatic application (lining) of a protective polyurethane coating on the inner or outer surface of a rotating workpiece by rotary casting. Typically, hot curing elastomers of varying hardness are used for this purpose.

The special design and algorithm of the production complex allow obtaining a uniform layer of protective coating over the entire surface of the workpiece.

The scope of application of this technology is quite wide, but especially popular areas are the lining of gravity feeds, slurry lines and slurry lines, shafts and rollers for various industrial applications.


Raw materials

Hot casted polyurethane elastomers

Mixing device

Dynamic type

Coating thickness

From 4 to 50 mm

Length fo the coated part

Up to 6.000 mm


From 100 to 800 mm

What is the application of this equipment?