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Decorative thermal panels

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The technology for manufacturing decorative thermal panels is based on a simple and effective idea — use one material for wall decoration instead of the traditional two: insulation and decor.

Working in close cooperation with manufacturers of raw materials for the production of decorative thermal panels, OSV engineers designed a set of equipment for their industrial production.

The peculiarity of this development is the use of a modular system. A module is a set of equipment required for the production of a certain number of finished products. By purchasing additional modules, you can increase production capacity.

The basic module of the OSV production line consists of a mixing and dosing unit, two pneumatic presses and a set of casting molds. The additional module is a set of casting molds, a press, an assembly table, and a table for demoulding. The number of modules can be selected depending on the required performance.





Up to 50 panels per 8 hours


3 people


100 sq. m.

Electrical consumption

Up to 12 kW

What is the application of this equipment?