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Architectural decor

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Equipment and technologies for the production of architectural decor from rigid polyurethane foams, the production of polyurethane dies and molds for casting concrete, or the production of decorative thermal panels with polyurethane foam insulation.

Areas of application of architectural decor:

  • Thermal panels
  • Facade decor
  • Stucco molding from polyurethane foam
  • Landscape gardening sculpture

Our company offers its clients the opportunity to master the technologies of manufacturing architectural decor, thermal insulation decorative panels and landscape gardening sculptures from rigid polyurethane foams.

For the production of architectural decor elements, special mixing and dosing systems OSV of the L and H series are used – specially designed for this application.

Depending on the purpose of the production line, the composition may include:

  • Mixing and metering unit series L or H
  • Pouring forms
  • Press stations
  • Technology and training for molding products and mold production


Raw material

Polyurethane foam


From 50 to 250 kg/q.m.