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MiniTec aluminum profile

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The MiniTec profile system has proven its reliability in many industries: from ergonomic work tables to prestigious display cases, from robust safety guards to the basic structure of a complex conveyor system or automated assembly line — flexible and reliable.

The limits are only limited by the designer’s imagination. to the possibilities of using the modular profile system MiniTec.

Numerous possible combinations according to customer requirements. The compatibility of profiles of different sizes is of decisive importance: for example, the 45 series, with its more than 50 different cross-sections, always has a uniform grille size of 45 millimeters and therefore can be ideally matched to each other. The user can choose between a light version for particularly economical solutions, a closed version for demanding designs or high hygiene requirements and a heavy version for the most demanding requirements.

Benefit from the modular MiniTec profile system – identical groove geometry for all profiles. 19 to 270 mm + use of DIN bolts and screws = minimum work, optimum efficiency.

All connections without machining – MiniTec profile connectors = minimum work, reduced assembly time, electrical conductivity.