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Axial piston pumps DUT Korea

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South Korea

DUT Korea is a leading manufacturer and specialist in polyurethane solutions for high pressure filling systems: equipment, mixing heads, dosing pumps.

DUT has a specially designed dosing pump “DMP”, which is of the “Axial-piston variable displacement” type. The pump is designed to overcome the disadvantages of the previous generation of metering pumps type A2VK.

The screws for the “Mechanical Adjustment Gear” have been replaced with a “Fine Pitch” so operators can produce even more fine adjustment of performance. All parts inside are changed and improved, but at the same time they are compatible with the previous generation pumps (type A2VK). Simplifications help the operator operate and repair the pump so that they can operate more efficiently.


  • High dosing accuracy
  • Working pressure up to 250 bar
  • Small flow pulsation
  • Quiet operation
  • Optimal dosing volume available
  • Low suction pressure even with highly viscous materials
  • Perfect compatibility with previous model (type A2VK)



From 5 до 107

Maximum pressure

Up to 250 bar