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(Русский) Системы дозирования и смешивания DOPAG способны обрабатывать многокомпонентные среды, такие как эпоксидные смолы, полиуретаны и силиконы.

Depending on the intended application or requirements, the metering systems can be equipped with a piston or gear pump. Various basic configurations are available for this purpose, which are modular in design and therefore can be customized specifically to your requirements.

DOPAG quality standards guarantee the highest precision and repeatability even in fully automated production processes. DOPAG’s dosing and mixing technology is used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, electronics, wind and consumer electronics to name but a few.

When processing multi-component materials, it becomes extremely important to mix the components evenly. Significant differences in fluid viscosity, short pot life, difficult-to-mix components, etc., require different mixing systems.

DOPAG offers dynamic mixing systems, static mixing systems, static-dynamic mixing, system as well as monitoring of mixer elements for static-dynamic mixing systems.



From 0,1 to 20.000 ml/min


From 100:1 to 100:100


From 10 to 1.000.000 mPa*s

Mixer's type

Static, static-dynamic, dynamic