Advertizing and souvenirs

Advertizing and souvenir production produces with usage of polymer materials for many years. The polyurethanes and technology of their processing allow realizing practically any ideas of painters and disdainers.   

It is important admit that products from polyurethanes give an opportunity to produce as single copy of ready sample as organize a mass production.  It is essential feature before traditional polymers such as ABS, polypropylene or PVH.

Advertizing and souvenir production from polymer materials made by OSV Technologiya company

Promotional and advertising products, made of Acrylic One material

Souvenirs, made of Acrylic One material

One more family of unique materials is décor casting masses based on aqueous acryl resin – allow creating the sample with imitating natural marble, bronze, and copper. As compared with expenditure of time and money for create such samples from natural materials acrylic technologies are more profitable and effective.

At this part you get acquainted with the information about the most popular advertasing and souvenir technologies used polyurethanes and casting masses based on acryl.

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