Technology of manufacturing the products from polyurethanes and silicones: casting of polyurethane, the details of car tuning etc. - organize the production of polyurethane products with the help of equipment and materials by OSV Technologiya company

The technology for production of automobile filters is our first industrial technologies with usage of polyurethane. Since our knowledge about polyurethanes and other polymers was increased. Today we have considerable experience in implementation of technologies for production various products from polyurethanes for various applications – from production of airplane elements to chessmen.

Technologies of automobile filters production from polyurethane in OSV Technologiya company Technologies of PU products manufacturing in OSV Technologiya company

There are about hundred of different technologies with usage polyurethane systems such as:

•    Furniture décor
•    Furniture parts and accessories
•    Tunning  of automobiles
•    Automobile parts and mechanisms
•    Architecture décor
•    Rapid prototyping
•    Construction materials
•    Souvenirs and advertising products

Nowadays polymers are occupied key position in industry and everyday life. In general all technologies for usage polymers are divided on two main groups:

•    Production of polymeric products (furniture décor, mechanical parts)
•    Production of elements with partial usage of polymers (abrasive tools, sandwich-panels, automobile filters)

Technologies that are used by OSV Technologiya company in its professional activities

At this part you find information about industrial technologies where polyurethanes and silicones play an important and often decisive role to provide the high quality of finished products and to create the high surplus value. Here is a typical example – furniture edge from polyurethane making ordinary table tops in unique products thanks to polyurethane performances.

Technologies for processing of polyurethanes, silicones and epoxy resins are called to make production more efficiently and economy profitable. If you don’t find literal decision for your production tasks please contact our specialists and we will together design you individual decision using all of our possibilities, knowledge and experience.

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