Polymeric materials – polyurethanes, silicones, acryl and epoxy resins have the unique number of physical and mechanical properties that successfully used for production for about thousand of various elements to about dozen industries.

In this section we present to your attention photos and brief descriptions of various details and moulds from polyurethanes, silicones, acrylic and epoxy resins, adhesives, produced by our company specialists and our customers. Each work is a typical example of the effective use of a range of OSV materials (Dekolast 3, Dekolast 5, Dekolast 6, Modelast 1, Modelast 24, Kromkolast 1, Kromkolast 10, RTV 45A, RTV 70A, ZA 13 Mould, ZA 22 Mould, HT 33 Trasparente, Acrylic One), OSV mixing and casting equipment of S, M, L, H, Mini AB series and OSV technologies.

Products from polyurethanes, silicones, and acryl and epoxy resins, glue materials manufactured by OSV Technologiya company with the usage of OSV materials, technologies and equipment

We hope that presented information allows you to find proper polymer decision for your business. We appreciate if you share us with results of your work with polymer materials for your business.

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