We distribute more than 20 various polymeric products – you can purchase polyurethane elastomers, rigid and flexible  foams, silicones, compact polyurethanes and also a whole range  of auxiliary materials – release agents, primers and flushing liquids.

Our suppliers – are leading manufacturers companies. Among them there are: Zhermack company (Italy), Notedome (UK), Acrylic One (the Netherlands) and others.

We try to stock a complete range of products at our Ukrainian warehouse making accessible of necessary materials for our clients for 1-2 days. If necessary quality of raw materials isn’t available at our stocking we organize the delivery of goods from manufacturing plant in short space of time.

All materials are regularly tested in the laboratory OSV which began its work in 2006 with a small table and electronic scales and today had been equipped with modern equipment and occupied a separate specialized room.

With each new delivery we try to get some of new products and then they are tested as in the laboratory as in the fighting conditions at the clients’ production. It makes us possible to form a range of polyurethanes, silicones and auxiliary materials.

Our aim of work is serving client during deliveries and sales of polyurethanes, silicones and other polymers. We provide our customers the permanent technical support from selection of necessary materials to processing for all period of our cooperation.

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