Polyurethane Technology Day in the Czech Republic

Polyurethane Technology Day in the Czech RepublicPolyurethane Technology Day in the Czech Republic

On March 20, 2019, free technical seminar "Day of Polyurethane Technologies" was held in the Czech city of Zlin (Czech Republic). At the event were demonstrated Dow polyurethane elastomers for casting and spraying, OSV and Graco metering and mixing equipment. The workshop participants received a unique opportunity to communicate with leading European experts in the field of polyurethane systems and their processing.

During the workshop, our company presented in operation the brand new metering and mixing machine OSV SmartLab. This model has been developed specially for lab and R&D applications. Functionally it is a completely the same as it is on M Series machines intended for the industrial processing of three-component polyurethane elastomers based on MDI, the so-called quasi-systems. But it's compact dimensions allow you to quickly load new components in the tanks and make new castings. After the workshop, this machine left to its new owners — PU laboratory near Warsaw.

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