About company

OSV Technologiya was founded in March, 2006. The basis of our current team was a team of experienced specialists in the field of mechanics, electronics, applied chemistry, organization of industrial production and marketing. On the moment of start of OSV Technologiya we have already worked together for more than 15years, which allowed us to set ambitious aims and achieve their implementation quickly.

Our acquaintanceship with polymer materials and machinery for its processing began in 1995 when the founder of our company, Oleg Vayhansky first in Ukraine began using polyurethane foam for sealing rings, air filters for cars production. During the next 10 years, we have got wide "polyurethane" experience – exploiting and serving different series of machinery for polyurethane, processing dozens of different materials and even produce our own polyurethane system. Acting today as a supplier of equipment, raw materials and technologies, we aim to provide our customers with solutions that would be for ourselves, if we were our customers.

The company employs 40 people, where more than half - engineering and technical personnel of high qualification. Experience of cooperation with leading engineering enterprises in Italy, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, we embody in our new developments, serial models and a daily service of our customers. We try to develop and acquire new knowledge and skills to be able to give them subsequently to our customers in solving various problems associated with the processing of polymeric materials.

The company has a modern laboratory and pilot production facility where our engineers study the properties of materials and hardware capabilities, train customers of OSV Technologiya. Exposure of finished products in our showrooms is expanding constantly, so that our visitors have an opportunity to assess the breadth of applications of polymeric products.

In 2015 OSV Technologiya established the new production and technical center OSV Europos Technologiya in Republic of Lithuania. The official presentation of the new center occured at the еxhibition UTECH Europe 2015, which were taking place in Maastricht (the Netherlands).This center helps us to serve better our clients from Eastern Europe.

We are always open for cooperation and dialogue, and even with our direct competitors in Western Europe are committed to maintaining a constructive partnership. Thanks to this approach, win, first of all our customers. And the success of our customers in a certain sense is our success too, our achievement and an indication that our work is in demand and that our products and services suit customer expectations.

Many years ago Henry Ford said: “If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own.” We agree with this principle and believe that this approach will provide us with interesting and useful work, and our customers - with efficient and profitable technology solutions and quality products.

Welcome to OSV Technologiya!..

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