Compact units

Our first series of compact units OSV Mini AB had been produced in 2008 for laboratory applications. But during technical seminars that is regularly conducted for our clients and potential consumers our technologies had been noticed the demand for the compact machines for production elements from polyurethanes, silicones and epoxy resins.

Смесительно-дозирующая установка OSV Mini AB разработанная специалистами компании ОСВ Технология   

                        OSV Mini AB                                               OSV Mini AB 2000

Установка для смешивания и дозирования полимеров OSV Mini Dynamica    Смесительно-дозирующая установка OSV Mini Pneumatica

                    OSV Mini Dynamica                                              OSV Mini Pneumatica

Установка OSV Mini Spray разработанная специалистами компании ОСВ Технология для напыления различных материалов и снятия сложных форм с моделей, расположенных горизонтально и вертикально    Компактная смесительно-дозирующая установка OSV Mini ER, сконструированная компанией ОСВ Технология для литья эпоксидных смол малыми дозами

                      OSV Mini Spray                                                                  OSV Mini ER

The compact units OSV have two main advantages – in the first place, this equipment is available for a wide range of production industries thanks to the inexpensive price compared with Europe and American analogues and with more difficult units OSV.

Besides we give our customers the technology of work with that polymer  to process that
It makes considerably to reduce initial contributions in new project and to achieve commercial efficiency as soon as possible

Thereby, the compact units OSV Mini and OSV S400  became as a symbolic admission in the world  for industrial process of polyurethanes, silicones and epoxy resins for many companies that before didn’t use of polymers because of the high prices of equipment or inaccessibility of technologies.

At this part you get acquainted with main technical characteristics of compacy units OSV. To get more information please contact us by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by telephone +380 67 551-51-44.

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